Wishaw, Lanarkshire

Greenfield - Housing Site for 250 Homes

Project Brief

40 acres potential development land – strategic land sale to major housebuilder. This project started over 10 years ago and has been running since with the second promotion through the Local Development Plan process.
Client who is a land promoter had asked us to secure a site and also a builder to take the site through the planning process.


Initially, the market conditions deteriorated through the 2008 Credit Crunch which had a significant impact in this locality. Another large site had been included in the Local Development Plan which was not viable. The planning authority were not keen to release the greenfield site.

Our client had to take a long-term view that the market would improve. Opportunity that Planning permission would be obtained eventually as it had a lot of advantages over adjacent sites. The site was proved effective in the short term and oven-ready for development.

Prime Land Consultants coordinated the promotion through the Local Development Plan process. We instructed a Planning Consultant to advise on the best planning tactics. A traffic engineer addressed access and road issues. We also carried out an off-market marketing campaign because of the sensitivity.


We are now awaiting the Reporters decision on the Local Plan. There is a major house builder on board who will take the site forward.