Strategic Land

We are looking for major off market potential development land (minimum 20 acres) with longer term potential in Southern England, Midlands & Central Scotland -see below.

Our Strategic Land Required – Our Clients’ requirements

1. Specialist Strategic Land Promoter Clients – Working in Partnership with the Landowner

Land promotion agreements work in partnership with the landowner, potentially on a joint venture basis. Our clients manage the entire planning process, from inception through planning promotion to sale, including taking on the financial risk.

A return is generated once your land is sold for development.

The goal of land promotion is to achieve the maximum land value for you the landowner. It is specialist skill including legal and planning disciplines borne of years of involvement in the industry. It requires management of an expert team of various disciplines to deliver the right planning consent.

Our clients work closely with local communities and councils to achieve an allocation in the local development plan and then a planning consent. They will plan and deliver a unique vision and masterplan for your site.

Account is taken of both physical and technical constraints and challenges and also ongoing market conditions.

It many cases this will result in a mixed-use development.

For example, one of our clients is at the early master planning stage of a large site in a town where a major employer is looking to relocate  to the other end of town. The business is looking to move to the greenfield strategic site in question and will be part of various land uses. Because of the job protection it is hoped that the planning process will move forward accordingly.

2. Clients who Buy Strategic Land Without Planning Permission

If landowners are looking for a return in the short term rather than wait for the slow-moving planning process, we have clients who will purchase outright once they have done their due diligence.

An offer to purchase in this situation would be conditional on site investigations, servicing and land title.

Strategic Land Required

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