Argyll Avenue, Dumbarton

Site Acquired for Wimpey Homes (Taylor Wimpey)

Project Brief

We had identified the infill land comprising a caravan storage site and cottage at the end of a cul–de-sac which was privately owned and further land at the rear which was owned by a private estate. We approached the estate factor and were able to piece the two parcels together.


2 separate ownerships had to be combined to form one site with great views over the Clyde estuary. The land was not actually allocated in the Local Plan. Planning was a bit sticky initially but eventually the Local Planners saw sense. Initially engineer advice indicated that a roundabout would be required off the main road to improve access.

This turned out to be completely wrong and one party walked away because of this inaccurate information. We then brought Wimpey to the table.

Outcome and Land Purchase

By combining the two ownerships there was marriage value and the site acquisition worked after deductions for abnormal costs. An approval was obtained for 28 detached villas with views over the Clyde Estuary.
This acquisition resulted in a successful site for Wimpey with all houses selling quickly.