Tick list when selling potential development Land

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When considering  selling land  there are basic points  which should be addressed and established. These can be summarised under the mnemonic I use  which is GRAMSTOP.

G – Ground conditions. Brownfield or green field ?Are there any old mining works in vicinity ?  Have you checked the Coal Board site for mine shafts? Was there any previous industrial use on the land?  Any history of contamination? Archaeological artefacts known on the site / vicinity such as Roman activity? Previous site investigation?

R – Roads. (or Traffic ) Is the road network width adequate to accommodate development. Does the road to your property  narrow down?  Typical width required for anything over 4 houses is normally 5.5 m – 6.0 m width plus at least one footpath width.. Other wise there  could be a ransom strip.

A  – Access ( and egress). Is there a direct access or road leading to the site?  By taking access do you require to cross a verge?  Is this adopted by the Local Authority? Or do you require to cross other separately owned land?  Do you know who owns this – have you an agreement with this owner?  Would it be worthwhile pulling the ownerships together? Do you know the implications of a visibility splay? Access of a trunk road is complicated and could involve construction a roundabout… and that is a ‘can of worms’.

M – Market to be aimed at when selling land . What is the current use of the land ? How close to amenities  are you? What do you think your land would be suitable for? Residential development? If so what kind of residential Development – flats ?  retirement homes ? Retirement Village ? Detached Houses? Commercial development ?What other development has taken place in the locale?

S – Services. Are you aware of the mains services positions in the vicinity?  Are there any underground services crossing the site or in the adjoining streets ? Is there any known local issue with drainage capacities ?

T – Title.  This really should be checked first when selling land – ARE THERE ANY TITLE CONDITIONS which would restrict development?  This is often only found out at the last minute and can be very expensive and time delaying .What  easements or in Scotland servitudes are in place? If there are  pylons does the power company actually have properly constituted legal agreements to cross the land?  Ask your solicitor.

Any Rights of Light impacting in urban situations?

O- Ownership – You should know this if selling land  ! Is your land held in long lease leasehold tenure or freehold or in Scotland is the land held in feuhold or on a long ground lease? Crucially, if is there a tenant in place then how can vacant possession be secured?

P – Planning – Is there a planning consent ? What is the current designation in the Local Development Plan (key to ascertaining the period for selling land ). If the land is not allocated in the Local Development Plan have you made any representations to the local Planning authority? What stage are we in evoloution the Local Development Plan? (check the Development Plan Scheme)  Any Listed buildings on the site? Contact Your local planning authority which should be able to supply you with a copy of the list description,
which gives some information about why it was listed. Caution – because the description does not specifically  mention a particular feature do not assume that it is not legally protected.

Are you in the Green Belt ? Is it ‘White land’  in the Local Plan?  Is there a shortfall in housing land supply ?  – in many cases there is. The Council may be losing Planning appeals – that might tell you  something!

P – And the big one !  PRICE.  When selling land do you know the true gross worth and the potential deductions to get to the net value  ? Have you had a valuation done ? With our help, the items above can guide you !

Please contact us to discuss any of the above in further detail.

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